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SCAYT aims to encourage junior archers to participate in the shoots being organised around the SCAS region, meet their fellow junior archers, and provides an accessible step toward competition.  SCAYT consists of more than 40 events taking place around the region over the outdoor archery season. The tour finale is the Southern Counties Junior Outdoor Championship in late September.

The number of events is to encourage access, with a spread of timings and shoot locations around the large SCAS region. There is no suggestion that archers should aim to attend all, most or even many of the events. Archers can attend as many or as few of the SCAYT events as they choose while still being part of the tour.

An almost final list of tour events, and a map of their locations, is below. We will be updating this as the participation of events in the tour is confirmed in the coming weeks.

Click on the Images below for more details of the Tour Dates and see the current standings.

Download SCAYT Tour Details in .ODS format using this link.

Entering into SCAYT as a junior archer is easy: just take part in any of the SCAYT events listed, and you will be entered automatically.

There is an FAQ where more of your questions about the Tour may be answered.

Tour Points

The tour scoring system is designed to strike a balance between rewarding archers for participating in multiple shoots versus rewarding high performance for those archers who may be able to attend only a few.

The scoring system is explained on this page, but the basic idea is simple. Archers score points both for attending a shoot on the tour and for performing well in their age-gender-bow type category. An archer’s tour points can never go down by attending a shoot. And an archer’s three best event scores will always count in full toward their tour points score. But the amount by which an archer’s tour points can potentially go up begins to decrease after an archer has attended 3 tour events.

Double the usual amount of points are available at the Tour Finale event, and those points will count in full regardless of how many events an archer has attended previously.

Publication of Tour standings

Throughout the season as SCAYT events take place, the standing of all archers in the tour will be updated on the SCAYT web page on the SCAS website. The tour standings will be shown separately for each age-gender-bow type category.

The SCAYT Finale and SCAS Junior Championship

The SCAS Junior Championships in late September will constitute the tour finale. At that shoot, archers will be competing to become SCAS Champion in their age-gender-bow type category. They will also be competing to finalise their positions in SCAYT. As the final event of SCAYT there will be double the usual tour event points available.

Note that the archer who wins the SCAS Junior Championship in a given category may not be the same archer who wins the SCAYT in that category – the two competitions are running parallel to each other on the day, but are distinct.

Discounted entry to the SCAYT Finale/SCAS Junior Championships

Any archer who participates in 3 or more SCAYT events will be entitled to shoot at the tour finale paying a heavily discounted entry fee of just £5. Those who enter that shoot without having attended 3 SCAYT events will pay a more “usual” entry fee, expected to be in the £15-20 range.

Limits on numbers at SCAYT events

Some of the events on SCAYT are for juniors alone, where even the most nervous junior archer will quickly feel at home. Many of the SCAYT shoots involve both seniors and juniors, but juniors will be explicitly welcomed and supported at all of these events.  In some cases, there may be a limit on the number of juniors that can shoot in either a given age-gender-bow type category or at the shoot as a whole. So there might be an advantage in getting your entry form in for the tour shoots early!

Some of the events in SCAYT are also County championships. Visiting junior archers will be welcomed at these events, and eligible for “open” awards and SCAYT tour points. They may not be able to win the ‘County’ title in their bow class because they are affiliated with another County. There may be a limit on the number of places for out-of-County archers at such shoots, to ensure in-County archers get the ability to shoot for their County championship.

If you have any questions of queries at all about SCAYT please email