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Judges News

  • Judge Upgrade 23/07/2018 - Many congratulations to Gary Bellamy who passed his Regional Assessment at the weekend. 23/07/18
  • Judge Upgrade 19/06/2018 - Many congratulations to Martin Whiting who passed his County Assessment at the weekend. 19/06/18
  • WA Judge Guidebook 29/05/2018 - A new version of the World Archery Judges Guidebook is now available on the World Archery website.
  • Judge Upgrades 29/05/2018 - Many congratulations to Alex Purser and Andrea Kehoe who have passed their County Assessment and Julie Coates who has passed her Regional Assessment. Their new grades come into effect straight away,
  • Judges News Displaying 09/05/2018 - We are now displaying judges News posts in the sidebar of the judges main page