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SCAS Field Championships

We'd welcome offers to act as Field T.O. 2019 onwards

Current Intercounties Field  Rules for SCAS Team Trophies

The following (descending) order of seniority will be used: Compound unlimited; Compound limited; Recurve; Compound Barebow; Barebow;  Traditional; American Flat bow , AGB Longbow.

  • Each team can consist of male, female, or junior boy/girl shooting from the senior pegs for their discipline.
  • Archers can be pulled from a lower listed discipline, and can be used in different teams.
  • County teams are made up from those entering, to ensure a minimum of two counties competing for a trophy, in a specific style, in recent years a minimum of two in each team, although this depends on entry.

The Intercounties is usually a minimum of four archers, using the same priority process.

SCAS Field Championships - 2018

The SCAS field championships for 2018 were shot at Avalon Archers, Sandy Bedfordshire on 28/29 April 2018

Results: SCAS-Field-Results-2018.pdf

SCAS Field Championships - 2017

2017 Field Championships were combined with Fort Purbrook tournament on 12/13th August .

Results: resfortpurbrook17.pdf

SCAS Field Championships - 2016

Field Championships 2016 were combined with Fort Purbrook tournament on 13/14th August.

Results: resfortpurbrook2016v2.pdf

SCAS Field Championships - 2015

The Field Championships For 2015 were combined with the Crawley tournament on the 27th & 28th June.

Thanks to Crawley for this.

Individual Results: rescrawley15.pdf

Team Results: SCAS Field Team 2015

2014 Field Championship Results

The 2014 Field & Team Championships were on the 11th & 12th October

Individual Results: resscas14.pdf

Team Results: 2014_scas_field.pdf


2013 Field Championship Results

The 2013 Individual Field Championships were held at Windrush Bowmen,Oxfordshire on the 19th & 20th October  combined with the Oxfordshire Field Championships.

Results: resoxford13.pdf


2013 Intercounties and Team Championships 2013 Field

2013 Intercounties and Team Championships 2013 Field were again  held at Fort Purbrook, combined with their Open tournament on 10th & 11th August.

Results: resfortpurbrook13.pdf

2012 Field Championship Results

2012 Individual were on the 23/24th June 2012 at Panther Archers field course, Near Chelmsford, Essex.

Results: repantherjune12pdf.pdf

The Regional Inter-county and Team Field Championships were on the 11 & 12th August 2012 combined with Fort Purbrook Field.

Results: refortpurbrook12.pdf