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Southern Counties Archery Meeting (SCAM)

A Grand Archery Meeting, under the management of Mr Merridew, was proposed to be held in the grounds of Aston Park, Birmingham, on July 27 and 28th 1859, as mentioned by Mr H A Ford in "Archery: its Theory and Practice, but at the Leamington Meeting of the same year it was decided that this proposed Meeting should be transferred to the grounds of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, and thus commenced the annual Crystal Palace Archery Meeting.

In 1892 the Championship of the South was initiated and appropriate trophies were donated, The Bridges Jug and The Bridges Diamond Brooch which are still being awarded.

The Meeting continued without a break until 1902 when it was suggested that the conditions offered by the Crystal Palace Company were becoming difficult for the conduct of the Meeting and a decision was made to move to Beddington Park in Surrey; thus was born the Southern Counties Meeting. The Championship of the South and its associated Awards were continued and awarded and continuity was maintained.

There are a number of films from British Pathe which can be found at

For more details contact the SCAM Secretary, Carla Piper, at

SCAM 2022

"The Southern" 2021 will be run between Wednesday 11th May to Saturday 14th May 2022 inclusive at the Waterside Archery Grounds, Exbury, Hampshire SO45 1AZ.

Full details including the Prospectus and Entry Forms are included in the pack which can be Downloaded using this link.

SCAM 2021

The SCAM 2021 was held on 4th - 7th August 2021 at Waterside Archery Grounds, Exbury, Hampshire SO45 1AZ.

The Results and some pictures can be found on this page

SCAM 2020

The SCAM 2020 was due to be held between Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th May 2020 at Winchester Rugby Football Club.

However it has been cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

SCAM 2019

The 2019 SCAM was held on 14th to 17th May 2019.

Results are included in the report to the SCAS AGM which can be found here.

SCAM 2018

The 105th SCAM was held at Winchester Rugby Football Club between Tuesday 15th May and Friday 18th May 2018.

The results of the meeting: SCAM results and awards 2018

SCAM 2017

The SCAS 104th Championship Meeting, incorporating the 148th Public meeting & 114th Championship of the South was held on the 16/17/18/19th May 2017 at the picturesque venue of St Cross, Winchester beloved by so many, with its backdrop of the Hospital of St. Cross and Almshouses of Noble Poverty, by courtesy of the St. Cross-Symondian Cricket Club.

SCAM 2014

Results and awards: Awards list and all scores (PDF)

SCAM 2013

The Southern Counties Archery Society  held their ONE HUNDREDTH CHAMPIONSHIP MEETING in 2013

Results:  Full results listing (PDF, 106kb)

SCAM 2012

Results and Awards: Awards list and all scores (XLS)