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Target and Clout Records

Council has agreed to hold the Target Records open for valid historic claims until 31st December 2018.

The Records can be read by clicking on the links below. Records which have been incorporated since 2012 are displayed in RED.

Barebow Records (Apr2018)
Compound Records (Apr2018)
Recurve Records (Apr2018)
Longbow Records (Apr2018)

If you wish to claim a score that is larger than the record listed in the Records, please send your claim to the SCAS Target Records Officer together with evidence that the achievement met the required conditions for a new record using one of the methods below.

Online Target Record Claim Form

Target Record Claim Form (Excel Format)
Target Record Claim Form (PDF Format)

Rules and Policies:

SCAS Members:
Records can only be claimed by affiliated SCAS members, either as a direct member, or as an associate through a club/county.
Eligibility of Submissions:
Regional Records may only be claimed for scores shot at Tournaments, or properly organised Matches where at least two opposing teams are taking part and are present on the same field, which in all cases must be organised and controlled in accordance with the Archery GB Rules of Shooting. In particular an appropriate level of judging must have been enforced, and claimants must not have recorded their own scores.
Evidence Requirement:
Claims (whether by post, email, or on line submission form) should be accompanied by suitable independent evidence such as the Tournament Results Sheet, a properly signed and witnessed Score Sheet, or a link to the results on the tournament organisers website or accredited results service website.
Scope of Records:
Records are kept of Female and Male Junior and Senior Archers shooting Recurve (Freestyle), Compound (Unlimited), Recurve Barebow and Longbow styles as defined in the Rules of Shooting.
Ratification Rules:
Records will be recognised for the first archer to achieve an eligible score. To be acceptable, all claims must be at least one point greater than the existing record.
Records will only be ratified for one claimant UNLESS two identical eligible scores are shot on the same day.
Use of Multiple-Face Targets:
There will be no distinction between rounds shot on single-centre faces and on multiple-centre faces.
Subsequent Single Rounds:
Rounds which are not the first round shot on the day will be ratified so long as the circumstances comply with the Rules of Shooting.
Shorter Rounds nested inside Longer Rounds:
The Rules of Shooting permit claims to be made for shorter rounds which make up part of a longer round so long as no record claim is being made for the longer round as a whole for the same day. SCAS will ratify claims which comply with current rules on this issue.

Currently SCAS does not keep Distance Scores for WA / Metric Rounds.