Council Officers

SCAS Regional Council – Structure

Regional Council is formally composed of

These are the voting Members of council.

In addition, the region makes many Ex Officio appointments (sometimes called ‘officials’ as opposed to ‘officers’), and Liaison appointments, who also attend council meetings, and Council also appoints a Vice-chair from the Members.

Each category is detailed below, with a note on who appoints them and what voting rights they have on council.

Individuals may hold more than one appointment; it is common to find that individuals on council wear more than one hat where roles overlap or a person is directly involved in a range of activities.

County Representatives

Function Appointment Votes on Council
County Representatives are there to bring County views and proposals to Council, to vote on council business, and to report back to their County association.The County Representatives are representatives of their county’s archers. County reps. are appointed by their county committee or AGM, depending on the county constitution.The number of representatives allowed depends on the size of the county. Counties with up to 750 members in the previous affiliation year can send two representatives; larger counties can send three. Each county is entitled to one vote per representative, providing one is present.

Elected Officers

Officers are appointed by the AGM.

Title Appointment Current Holder
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President* Appointed at any General Meeting for a term of three years; remains a member of council for 1 year following term of office (1 vote) Bob Beaney
Lady and Gentleman Vice-President Appointed at any General Meeting for two years (1 vote) Katy Lipscomb
Brian Dunlop
Chairman* Appointed at the AGM for 1 year (1 vote plus casting vote) Steve Ellison
General Secretary* Appointed at the AGM for 1 year (1 vote) Christopher Fletcher-Campbell
Treasurer* Appointed at the AGM for 1 year (1 vote) Christopher Fletcher-Campbell
Secretary (SCAM) Appointed at the AGM for 1 year (1 vote) Carla Piper
Tournament organiser (Field) Appointed at the AGM for 1 year (1 vote) Vacant

*Denotes members of the executive


Ex Officio appointments

Officials are appointed by Council, either directly or, where they represent a Regional Subcommittee, on the basis of a nomination from the subcommittee.

These Officials have no voting rights and are listed in the Constitution.

Tournament Organisers
Title Current Official
Senior Inter-counties Appointed by Regional Council
Junior Inter-counties John Wilson
Indoor Andy Caine
WA Junior and Senior Championship Paul West
Clout Bob Attrill
Regional Committees
Title Current Official
Coaching committee Chairman* Marc Tamlyn
Coaching Finance Officer* Derek Sizeland
Judging Liaison Officer* Katy Lipscomb
Disability Liaison Officer Gary Bellamy
Title Current Official
Webmaster and Public Relations Officer Richard Pilkington

*The above Officials are appointed by Regional Council, with nomination from the Coaching or Judges committee.



The Vice-chairman is appointed annually by Council from among the members of council to manage meetings in the chairman’s absence.

Title Appointment Voting
Vice-chairman Appointed by Regional Council Bob Beaney*

*The Vice chair holds no additional vote, but since they must be a member of council to hold the post, they already have a vote in their own right.