Fees, Grants and Finance

SCAS’s finances are looked after day to day by the Treasurer, who is one of the members of Council elected at the AGM.

The Region also has three Trustees who oversee the region’s assets.

This page includes information on

Fees for Regional Membership

The fees are currently:
Senior:                                  £2
18-25 and Junior:                £1
Junior Club en bloc:             £6
University Club en bloc:      £11
Disabled:                               voluntary payment.

These are paid through your County Association.

Direct members                   £4.00 per year

Direct members can either pay through their County or direct to the SCAS Treasurer.

Can direct members please complete a Direct Membership Renewal Form and send it to the SCAS Treasurer (treasurer@scasarchery.org.uk) so that he can ensure your status is recorded.         Direct Membership Renewal Form

Finance policies and grant forms

SCAS has adopted some policies to clarify, for example, grants and loans. The current policies are listed below.

Applying for grants or loans

Grants to individuals

SCAS can provide grants to individuals to assist with international representation. Grants are normally available only for juniors but may be given to adults in exceptional cases. SCAS policy for grants to individuals is set out in more detail in the relevant policy document.

Among other things, SCAS asks that individuals seek other sources of support before approaching SCAS; funds for grants are limited and grants will not normally cover  the full cost of international representation.

To apply for a grant, individuals should complete a form below and send it to grants@scasarchery.org.uk.

Grants or Loans to clubs or counties

SCAS can give interest free loans to member clubs or counties for special purposes, for example to assist with modest developments in facilities or for equipment. To approve a loan SCAS needs a good reason for the grant or loan, needs to be satisfied that other sources of grants and/or loans have been duly explored and that the club has, or will have, sufficient income to repay the loan within a reasonable period.

Applicants should complete a form below for Grants or Loans to Clubs and send it to grants@scasarchery.org.uk. Depending on the amount requested, the request may require Council review.