Change to Charitable Incorporated Organisation Status

This page is where the information about the conversion of the Southern Counties Archery Association to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation which was approved by the Charity Commission in July 2021.

As Chris Fletcher-Campbell stated in a message to all SCAS Club Secretaries;-

You may be aware from previous correspondence that SCAS AGM authorised the Council to pursue a change of legal status to Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

Executive and Council have done a considerable amount of work on this, and the proposed Constitution after many amendments has now been posted on the website. It will shortly be followed by an accompanying set of Rules, which largely follow the current Rules.

Please note that many of the clauses in the Constitution may seem unnecessary, even irrelevant, but it follows as closely as possible the Charity Commission template which all potential CIOs are strongly advised to keep to as closely as possible. It is deliberately kept ‘broad–brush’, to permit future flexibility in the operation of SCAS without having to return to the Charity Commissioners for approval of minor changes. The Rules establish the details of operation of officers and Council.

Clubs are urged to peruse this proposed Constitution and email any comments to the Secretary, either using this address or via the website. The cut-off date for comments is 6 October.  

The main area for comment is likely to be membership and voting rights. 

CIO Constitution draft v0.4
CIO Council Operational Document
The intent is that on forming the CIO, the Trustees will adopt this document in order to delegate the given responsibilities to Council
Future SCAS Member Survey Summary v1