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Field Records

Current SCAS Field Records

SCAS holds Field Records for the following bow types:

SCAS Barebow Field Records (PDF)
SCAS Compound UL Field Records (PDF)
SCAS Compound BB and LTD Field Records (PDF)
SCAS Longbow Field Records (PDF)
SCAS Recurve Field Records (PDF)
SCAS Traditional Field Records (PDF)

SCAS FIELD RECORDS CURRENT (Excel Sheet - each tab is a different bow type)

Claiming Records

Field Record claims needs to be for a registered shoot. (eg. A judge in attendance will confirm the course meets the rules, therefore the result sheets are published of the results, which are used to validate the claim.)

You should claim the record within 2 months of the shoot.

Online Claim form

SCAS Field Records Claim Form (Excel)

SCAS Field Records Claim Form (PDF)


If you have any questions or issues with the SCAS Field Records then contact the SCAS Field Records Officer at