What Council Does

The business of Council covers:

  • Appointment of Officials.
    Though the principal Officers of the Regional Society are appointed at the AGM, much of the work of the Regional Society is done by Officials, appointed by Council to specific posts as set out in the Constitution.
  • Activities of appointed Officers and Officials.
    Each officer is expected to provide a report to every meeting of council of their recent and planned future activities. The reports allow Council to monitor progress and for its members to stay informed.Formal acceptance of a report forms the continued authority for the officer to operate, though in practice this takes the form of questions about the report. Frequently, officers will include questions or proposals for councilĀ or formal suggested changes in policy; Council will normally discuss and answer such questions by consensus or vote.
  • Approval of WA Star event organisers
    Formally, WA Star events are awarded to the Region, which accordingly is responsible for appointing suitable organisers. This is one of the things Archery GB requires to make sure that international record status shoots will be run properly and by experienced organisers.
  • Liaison.
    Council includes provision for liaison with the Regional Shooting
    (Judges) and Coaching committees, and for Regional liaison with various National bodies, including coaching and shooting committees and the EAF.
  • “One-off” business.
    All the normal day to day business of the Society is carried out by the Officers and Officials. But Council often has to address matters which do not fit neatly into a particular officer’s job.Examples include EAF representation, general issues concerning all regional
    tournaments, Regional policy on performance improvement, proposals for change in archery administration or rules, one-off projects such as this website, or requests for grants or loans (which often come first through the Secretary or Treasurer).Council decides, in practice, what the Regional Society will do in each case.