SCAYT Standings 2024 – Eighth update

This update (available on the Tournaments -> SCAYT -> Dates page on the website) includes two shoots, the Bowmen of Burleigh Open and the County of Oxford Senior Champs (the latter also offered rounds typically shot by U21 and U18 age groups). This weekend the tour moves on to the Guildford Junior Acorn and the Wymondham Archers WA weekend.

For reasons we won’t bore with you with, it has been tricky to extract the correct archer age groups from a number of shoot results to date. If you spot that an archer is being reported in the wrong age group in the standings, please email

And we will endeavour to correct this in the next update. These errors should be corrected over time as archers take part in more shoots and the correct age group becomes clearer.

Note also that to eligible for a Tour medal an archer has to complete a minimum of three shoots on the tour (one of which can be the SCAYT Final, but does not have to be), hence an archer shown incorrectly in an age group after a single shoot will not distort those awards.