SCAYT and SCAS Junior Championships extended to include Under-21 age group

In the light of the recent change to the “year of birth” method to determining an archer’s age group classification, we have decided to include the Under 21 age group in the Southern Counties Archery Youth Tour and also in the SCAS Junior Championships to be held on September 24th, 2023. That means that archers born in 2003 or sooner will be able to compete in both events. In taking this decision we note that Archery GB has recently decided to include the Under 21 category in its Junior indoor and outdoor competitions, so this decision aligns with that.

It is possible that some events listed on the Tour will not explicitly include the under 21 age group as a distinct category and declare results for it separately. Whether or not that occurs is a decision taken by the Tournament Organiser for each event with regard to their specific circumstances. In cases where a shoot on the tour does not declare results for the Under 21 category, it will not be possible for Tour points for the Under 21 age group to be awarded by the SCAYT Manager. We encourage those in the Under 21 category who wish to participate in SCAYT to check the details of events in advance to ensure their results will be separately declared.