SCAS Results for Winter 2019/20

Hi all,

I hope you are all well, and stay so.

Due to the disruption as a result of the virus, some counties stopped shooting very early in the month and therefore skewed their true position as a team and individually.

It seemed unfair to ignore those that had shot, but also we did not want to unfairly penalise those that could not shoot.

So after some discussions it was decided that the fairest solution would be to use the top 4 scores.

In the case of the team the best 4 months were used, for individuals it was the archers 4 best scores.

The “final” team and individual spread sheets, and a summary of the results have been published on the Tournaments->Indoor Inter-Counties Postal League page.

Hopefully we will be able to start shooting soon and get a full season next winter.

Stay safe
Dave Chudley
(Scores processor)