Coaching Conference Talk 2

Date Friday 21st August Time 7.30pm

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SCAS: Kaizen, the science & art of continuous improvement


Your presenter, Philip Watson, is an AGB Senior Coach with thirty-five years of engineering experience in the Semiconductor industry.

Keen to apply engineering principles to archery, he came across the work done by Sir David Brailsford following his appointment as the head of British Cycling in 2002.

Researching David’s work it was clear that his approach was in turn based on work done by others all the way back to methods designed to improve wartime productivity in 1940’s America.

In this talk, Philip looks at the Japanese idea of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and how it can be applied to archery using the recurve bow as his testbed and suggests other areas where the same principle might be applied and when Kaizen isn’t the best way forward.