Southern Counties Archery Youth Tour (SCAYT) 2023: First year is a big success

Let’s start with the numbers.

This first running of SCAYT included a total of 42 shoots spread across the SCAS region. The Tour has included not just a regional spread of shoots, but a range of shoots catering for different levels of experience, ranging from the Guildford Junior Acorn and Lintman Open for those taking their first steps in competition, up to some of the country’s best shooting in the Southern leg of the Junior National Tour held at Woking AC. In total 385 archers in the age groups up to under 21 took part in those shoots, shooting a total of 785 scores. The SCAS Junior Championships and SCAYT Finals held at Crystal Palace Bowmen, Beckenham at the end of the tour had 111 entries, with 100 archers shooting on the day.

The final standings and medals awarded on the tour are available here.

Two archers share the position of having attended to most shoots on the tour at 11, namely Betty Brocklesbury-Sum and Kaitlyn Mason. The most points scored by an archer on this years tour was by Chloe Cheung from Peacock Archers, who scored 17.28 tour points. We want to thank all of the archers who took part on the tour for their support, and all those who did the invaluable job of getting them to and from the shoots!

None of the above would have been possible without the support of the many Tournament Organisers and volunteers who run the competitive shoots around the region. A big thank you goes from SCAS to all of those who have contributed to making the tour happen, and particularly to Lewis Brown and Crystal Palace Bowmen for doing a great job in hosting the SCAYT Final and SCAS Junior Championships.

The aim of the tour was to get more junior archers involved in the shoots happening around the region, and to encourage those who are involved to attend more shoots up to and including the SCAS Junior Championships and SCAYT Final at the end of the outdoor season. Given the success of this year’s tour SCAS has decided it will run again in 2024, and we are considering what tweaks we can make to the format and organisation of the tour to improve it. We are very interested to hear any feedback archers, parents, or anyone else has on the tour – please email if you have any comments (good or bad) or ideas to share with us.

After 785 rounds shot on the tour this year, we are aiming for over 1000 in 2024!

Malcolm Barr

SCAYT Organiser