SCAYT Update

This update to the standings covers the three County championships held this weekend and is the last update before the SCAS Junior Championships & SCAYT Final to be held on Sunday September 24th.

The final placing and medals for the tour will be presented at Sunday’s shoot, so can we ask all competitors to raise any queries they may have about the tour standings in advance of the shoot. Just as reminder, the finals will offer 6 tour points to the winner in each category, 4 points for coming second, 3 points for third and 2 points for participating.

Any archer who has completed 3 shoots on the tour and has entered the SCAS Junior Championships and SCAYT Final can claim back £10 against their £15 entry fee (reducing the effective cost of entry to the shoot to just £5). To claim the refund please email

and provide (a) the name of the archer claiming the refund, and (b) the bank details to which the refund should be paid (Account name, Account number, Sort Code and bank name). We will process your refund as quickly as we can!

As we enter the later stages of the tour we are very keen to hear any feedback archers, parents, clubs or anyone else have on it. Please email any comments or ideas you have to the SCAYT organiser email shown above.