SCAS Junior Shoot (28 August) Entry Form

Hello Archers

At the end of August Rayleigh Town Archery Club hosts the SCAS Junior Champs on the Saturday then on the Sunday they do it all again with a Clare Stanford Memorial shoot.

The SCAS Junior details are on the Tournaments -> SCAS Junior Championship page and the Clare Stanford Entry form can be downloaded from the ECAA Website using this link.

The round is normally Yorks, Herefords and Bristols, but due to the failed attempted of the WA1440in July I have decided to change the rounds to Albions and Windsors to see if this encourages more entries as it’s not so many Arrows to shoot (9 Doz instead of 12Doz) and not so far to hit (80yards for gents instead of 100yards).

As going by the prime minister’s latest update by the end of August we will hopefully be hosting comps like we used to (if anyone can remember that).

Please pass the entries that are attached to this email around your club and to archery buddies so we can hopefully go ahead with a competition like we did in the good old days.

Many Thanks
Paul West
Rayleigh Town Archery Club
Tournament Organiser