SCAS Development Officer and other Council business


After a presentation by Arran Coggan from AGB, and much searching questioning and debate, SCAS Council agreed unanimously to invest a significant sum from SCAS reserves annually for the next three years to co-fund with AGB the appointment of a Development Officer.

As was observed at the meeting, SCAS has plenty of expertise on all archery matters, but little on the development of the sport, which is where this new appointment will be of benefit.

The DO will be based in the Region, not at Lilleshall, although s/he will of course receive full support from and briefing by AGB. (If any club has suitable facilities which could be used as a base for the DO, please let SCAS know.)

SCAS Council will have an input into the deployment and focus of the DO, but areas suggested for attention are organisation of seminars/training on matters of general interest over the Region, the encouragement and organisation of the volunteers who are vital to the continuing health of the sport, and specific assistance to clubs at their request.

AGB intends to advertise the post quickly, with the hope of having the DO in place early next year.


One of the matters which arose in the course of the discussions on the DO appointment was the declining numbers of archers entering tournaments. Proferred reasons included the concentration on Metric rounds for national selection, and ‘720’-style tournaments for ranking, which tend to put off the recreational archer.

AGB is shortly to complete an in-depth review of competitive archery, so changes of emphasis may be in the offing.

A similar review is in progress for national awards and badges.

Council will also be reviewing aspects of SCAS championships and tournaments, although the good news is that it is expected that all SCAS events, including Inter-Counties, will function next year.


SCAS’s policy under the new GDPR regulations were approved and will be published on the website.


Taking into account

  • the excellent new website and efficient webmaster
  • the responses from the (only) 81 clubs which responded to the GDPR questionnaire sent to all clubs in August
  • the cost of producing and posting out the Annual Report & Directory (‘green book’)

Council decided that this publication will be discontinued.

Statutory Reports (mainly tournaments and accounts) will be posted on the website, and be available in paper booklet format for those attending the AGM (and any others who request it).

The Directory will be posted on the website, including only club name, range address, and contact name and email where permission for that has been given.

The Secretary will continue to maintain and update an electronic copy of the Directory including all current details. This will be for archive purposes, and for the use of SCAS officers and officials where there is a need for access in order to carry out SCAS duties and perform services on behalf of SCAS.

Judges and Coaches will post their details on the website under their own jurisdictions.


Regional Records have been re-updated by the RRO Rod Brown (, and are now posted on the website.

There has been a query about the validity of ‘historical’ records achieved on club target days rather than at a ‘recognised’ shoot under current regulations. When the records had to be compiled again from scratch several years ago, from county records which did not always make clear the nature of the event at which the record was recorded, Council decided to adopt them all as valid despite a few inconsistencies of conditions.


Nominations for the President’s Medal, accompanied by a short appraisal of the nominee, are due to the Secretary by the end of the year.

The medal is awarded for significant services to any aspect of archery – coaching, judging, administration – in the Region (not just at club/county level).


Chris Fletcher-Campbell  (SCAS Secretary/Treasurer)


Council Meeting Summary 1809