SCAS Consultation on future structure

In 2017, the SCAS AGM agreed to move SCAS towards incorporation – 
instead of an unincorporated association – to provide a more secure 
basis for holding SCAS assets and to provide additional legal protection 
for officers and officials doing their job. The Resolution asked Council 
to investigate possible legal forms and to make arrangements for 
incorporation at a future meeting.

Any incorporated structure will require SCAS to have a small board of 
Trustees or Directors. However, SCAS includes County organisations, 
Clubs and individuals, and we want to choose a governance structure that 
continues to give all these a role and a say in how SCAS operates. 
Incorporation also allows us to look at our membership structure.

We are therefore seeking views on a number of possible options. These 
are set out in the discussion paper available at

You can express your views on these proposals by

– Responding to the online questionnaire at

– Writing to your County’s SCAS Representative

The proposals will also be discussed at the 2019 SCAS AGM; club 
Secretaries will have details. Space is limited at the AGM so you must 
tell the SCAS Secretary
if you wish to attend in person. If we cannot 
accommodate everybody who wants to attend the AGM discussion, SCAS is 
prepared to hold a separate meeting and clubs will be advised of that 
after the AGM.