SCAS AGM and Council Meeting minutes Published

The SCAS AGM and Council Meeting minutes have been published on the Governance -> Council Meeting Reports page of the website.

Particular points to note:

–  SCAM ’25: volunteer club needed to host

–  Regional Safeguarding / Welfare Officer:  suitably qualified/experienced volunteer sought.

–  SCAYT: last year’s event was a highly successful innovation: please advertise this year’s to all Junior archers (full details on the SCAS website)

–  Directory:  as it is difficult to keep pace with all the changes in club details, the SCAS website will no longer host a Directory, as it is superfluous as every County website keeps regularly updated ones.

–  County Captains:  County Secretaries – please email in to this address contact details for your County Captain as soon as possible.

Remember that the SCAS website is the first point of access for all Regional (and some County) events and other information..

Christopher Fletcher-Campbell
SCAS CIO Secretary / Treasurer