New link address for the Brighton Bowmen Calendar

Though this isn’t strictly SCAS business it is important to quite a number of tournament organisers, including Carla for SCAM.

Brighton Bowmen started operating a calendar around the time that a couple of other ones stopped operating, I believe Mayflower was one. So for some years it’s been the only one apart from the AGB / Sport80 one, and that doesn’t include anything that isn’t AGB or Record Status (or isn’t using the Sport80 booking System).

Except about six weeks ago the Brighton Bomen Chairman forgot to pay the Domain Hosting, and they lost their Domain Name. They now have new domain and the Calendar is working again!

The new address is:

and the email address for submitting tournament info to go on the calendar is


Rod Brown

p.s. I’ll add this link on to the end of the Tournaments menu on the website – SCAS Webmaster