Introduction to WA Field

Recently there has been quite a lot of on line conversation on how to get more archers involved in Field Archery.

One of the issues seems to be a fear of the unknown, therefore in an effort to make it a bit less scary  the layout in the attached document allows the essence of a field course to be tried at your target club.

The round would use field distances, in 5 meter increments, all four field faces, field score sheets and field sequence of shooting.

The purpose would give experience of shooting at multi faces, repositioning after every end, of scoring a field round, judging a field round and multiple sight moves while in the relative comfort of their home club.

With regards to equipment, the targets would be best if they were field bosses but straw bosses stood on the ground could be used as an alternative or standard target bosses would suffice if that’s all that is available.

All safety zones for a target field would be maintained, and the control of shooting would be by a field captain as in target archery.

One other positive is that this would allow wheelchair archers experience the essence of field archery if a little extra consideration is given.

Download, try and enjoy and I hope to see you on a field course sometime.

Bob Beaney
SCAS Field Liason.